Captain William Swarbrick ?

William Swarbrick imageWilliam Swarbrick died on 5th July 1889, at the age of 79 years.  He was described in the Fleetwood Chronicle as an old and well respected inhabitant of Fleetwood, and a gentleman who for many years occupied a prominent position in maritime circles.  The report of his death states that he came to Fleetwood 43 years ago, when he worked as a pilot on the boats which ran between Liverpool and Fleetwood.  In the year 1855 he was appointed under the North Lancashire Steam Navigation Co., as a master of the tug-boats on the River Wyre, in which capacity he served till ten years ago, when he retired through failing health.  The report continues that the deceased was interred at the Fleetwood Cemetery on Monday last.  Deceased leaves a family of two sons and three daughters.  Mr. E. Swarbrick, painter, &c., is his son.

(Fleetwood Chronicle Reportage, Friday 11th July, 1889).

In her book 'Shipwrecks in the North-West'  Catherine Rothwell (1983), an author local to Fleetwood records that 'Such salt of the sea was Captain William Swarbrick .... hands like cabbage leaves he could fell a man at one blow but was as gentle as a lamb with his wife'.  In correspondence with Catherine in 2007 she informed me that a relation came to Fleetwood Library with a number of artefacts, including William Swarbricks pilots licence that are now held at Lancashire Records Office, Preston, and it was in conversation with the relative that this remark was passed on.

William Swarbrick's will is held at the Lancashire Records Office in Preston.  Last Will and Testament.   It indicates that a portrait of him exists.

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