Death of Mrs Eleanor Croft

(Abstracted report from Fylde News and Advertiser, June 1928).

Another link binding old Fleetwood with the present progressive town has been severed by the death of Mrs. Eleanor Croft, a member of a well-known and highly-respected Fleetwood family, which occurred at 'Taverstock', 33 Darbishire Road, Fleetwood, the residence of her youngest daughter, Mrs. A. Brown.  The funeral took place at Thornton Parish Church burial ground on Wednesday afternoon.

Eleanor CroftMrs. Croft was 78 years of age, and up to the last was in possession of all her faculties.  She had a heart seizure on Friday morning, and died with tragic suddenness.

She was a daughter of the late Captain William Swarbrick, who was master of the old paddle steamer 'Wyre,' which is stated to have towed the first vessel into the Wyre Dock.  The 'Wyre' was also one of the first vessels to take passengers from the North Pier, Blackpool, and in her early days Miss Croft sailed with her father and attended to the refreshment bar on the steamer.

It was the 'Wyre' too, under Captain Swarbrick's command, which towed out the Fleetwood Lifeboat to the dismasted Norwegian barque 'Inga' in the teeth of a terrific gale in Lune Deep, on December 7th, 1866, when the whole of the barques's crew of thirteen were rescued.

Boating Tragedy

Mrs, Croft was the last surviving member of the old Swarbrick family.  She was the widow of the late Mr. John Croft, who was born in Revoe, Blackpool, and who followed a sea-faring life. Mr. Croft was in charge of the Cleveleys sailing boat which met with disaster in September, 1924, when Mr Croft and six visitors lost their lives.

Mrs. Croft leaves five sons and three daughters.

The funeral service was conducted by the Vicar of Thornton, the Rev. C. N. Sargeant.

The principal mourners were:- Sep., Nancy and family; Janey and family; Agnes, Ann, Frank and family; Tom and Maisie; William and Winnie; Janet, Bert and family; George, Nita and George; Tina, Arthur and Arthur; Jim and Pattie.

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