Arrival at Glasson

Arrival at FleetwoodReports show that having rescued the 17 crew of Pudyona the steam-tug Wyre, with the crew of the Pudyona on board, next proceeded to the assistance of the brig Marys, of and for Glasson Dock, from Miramichi, with timber, which vessel, with both anchors down was dragging and making signals for help.  The tug took her in tow and arrived at Glasson Dock at three o’ clock in the afternoon, where she landed the crew of the barque Pudyona, and returned to Fleetwood.

In his address at the presentation of an inscribed telescope to Captain William Swarbrick the owner of the barque Pudyona, Mr J. S. Burrell of Lancaster said that he thought  that on an occasion like this, the names of every one engaged in this rescue should be mentioned.  I will therefore read the names of those on board the Wyre :-  Captain William Swarbrick, master; John Singleton mate; W. Morrison, engineer; Robert Gerrard and Thomas Hornby, pilots; R. Hesketh, R. Bailey, J. Murray, C. Young, E. and R. Ainsworth, R. Cockburn, and J. Hesketh.

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